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HOUSTON – The Romans of first century A.D. intend to conquer Britannia with violence, but natives resist as two cultures clash and one centurion plays witness in A. L. O’Connor’s new fantasy and action-adventure novel, “The Eagle in Green Man’s Clearing” (published by Archway Publishing).

When Rome sends their army to colonize Gosbecks, the centurion Quintus Agricolanus finds a burnt skeleton on the smoldering remains of a bonfire left from the Druidic festival of Samhain. While he spends his time trying to decipher the mystery of this ceremony, he meets memorable Celtic characters like the healer Bebhinn, and her daughter Edana, romance grows in the village of Gosbecks. During this time, the army establishes lopsided treaties with the Celtic tribes for Rome and experiences trouble from the Druids. Although the Romans seek to change the native peoples, they may just be changed instead.

“The reader should take away a better appreciation of both the Roman and Celtic cultures. They should get an understanding of the harsh reality of the time,” O’Connor says, adding that her book is rooted in research with numerous footnotes and links to sites pertaining to the information within.

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