Fish Balls in Wine Sauce

1. Fish Balls in Wine Sauce

Patella Arida

Isn’t your mouth watering at that title already? Dried pieces of salted tursio (which Pliny the Elder describes as dolphin) are boned, cleaned, shredded, and seasoned with a slew of modern and ancient spices.

Parsley, ground pepper, cumin, coriander, and dry mint are rubbed with lovage (similar to celery and parsley) and origany (Middle Eastern oregano) into the fish mix. The blend is formed into balls and poached in wine, broth, and oil.

According to translator, J. Vehling, the Romans incorporated spices into their fish and meat dishes to mask the smell and flavor of the flesh. Fish often traveled from Pontus (modern day Turkey) to Rome, and without refrigerators, stinky fish was always on the menu.

From: Mackenzie Pa, University of Florida

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