Trivia Questions

  1. What made the Celtic agriculture so successful in the first century?

    1. The Celts developed new wheat and barley to plant which was successful.

    2. The weather was particularly good in the first century.

    3. They developed new farming implements using iron so their plows, scythes, shovels

    4. The Celts redoubled the size of their farms to increase their yield


Answer is c, the advent of iron tools made the difference in yields of crops


  1. What is the Latin term for Roman banquets?

    1. Cena

    2. Comissatio

    3. Convivium

    4. Epulum


Answer is c, Convivium, the general term for banquet.


  1. Celts made beer, wine, and mead for the Celts to drink. What was the drink most consumed?

    1. Mead

    2. Wine

    3. Beer

    4. Tea


Answer is a. Mead – all Celts were able to trade or buy this as they traded mead to drink from taverns or at market day where they would buy a keg.


  1. How many meat recipes were served in the eight Recipes for a Roman Banquet?

    1.  2

    2. 5

    3. 4

    4. 1

Answer is c. 4 – Roast Wild Boar. Ostrich Ragout, Roasted Salmon, Fried Veal Escalope with Raisens

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