Trivia Questions

  1. What does the word “Triskele” mean in Greek?

    1. It means a small wheat cracker.

    2. It means three legs.

    3. It means a Gaelic fast dance.

    4. It means the happy emotion you feel when in love, 

    5. The answer is 2. It means three legs in Greek.

  2. ​What Celts were called “Men of Art”?

    1. Metal Workers

    2. Bards

    3. Druids

    4. All the above.

    5.  The answer is 4, all the above, The Celts were more than heathens the Romans said they were. The Celts had a thriving jewelry-making business. 

  3. What celebration comes on the Spring Equinox?

    1. Ostara

    2. Beltane

    3. Imbolc

    4. Samhain

  4. The answer is 1. Ostara, the celebration of the Spring Equinox in March 21st.

  5. ​In Britain, what did Celtic warriors wear to battle?

    1. They wore only tartan pants.

    2. Fully armored in metal protective gear.

    3. Celtic warriors wore blue woad tattoos and carried their swords and shield.

    4. They wore chain mail.

  6.  The answer is 3. they had tattoos of blue woad and their fighting equipment.

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