Trivia Questions

  1. What does the Great Fire mark in Samhain?

    1. Celebrates the beginning of the season to thresh wheat

    2. A solemn time when the Irish starved because their potatoes were blighted.

    3. Signified the ending of the light half of the year to the dark half

    4. Lit to provide light and warmth to the village


Answer is c signified the Celt's division of the year between summer and winter


  1. Who became a Tribunus laticlavius?

    1. Sons of the Equites or Knights

    2. Sons of the Senators

    3. Sons of the plebs

    4. Sons of the provincial royalty being held hostage


Answer is b only sons of senators got this plum position.


  1. What is a Pooka?

    1. It is a Celtic fast dance

    2. A faerie that appears during Samhain

    3. A Celtic head covering

    4. Food that is bad


Answer is b a horse faerie that is up to no good.


  1. Whom did the Optio act as second in command?

    1. General

    2. Tribunus laticlavius

    3. Colonel

    4. Centurion


Answer is d Centurion

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